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Parallel Structure III, 2003 Fine Art Print 50% Off Art Prints
Parallel Structure III, 2003
48" x 36"
Price: $91.99
Sale: $36.80
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Betty Merken is a nationally recognized painter, printmaker, and colorist, who creates luminous works of great subtlety and richness on canvas or paper, often referred to as "poetic geometry". Her media of choice are oils on canvas, and monotypes. In her artist statement, Betty speaks of how the physical construction of her work is "architectural": "Color and structure fascinate me. My compositions are deceptively simple, with darks and lights often abutting each other and creating relationships between figure and ground. My working processes are here to see: the layering of color, the pressure of the press, the transformation of brushwork, the drips, scraped out areas, the areas worked with rags and hands and fingers, with rollers, brushes, and paint thinners. I am attempting to coax poetry from paint, to transform my materials into a spiritual substance." Betty Merken studied art at the University of Washington in Seattle, WA (where she received her Bachelor of Arts in art education), Crown Point Press in San Francisco, CA (where she took a summer workshop in etching), the University of California at Los Angeles (where she did graduate work in art), Haystack Mountain School of Crafts in Deer Island, ME and Penland School of Crafts in Penland, NC. Her work appears in a number collections such as Laguna Beach Art Museum, Laguna Beach, CA, and Paramount Studios, Los Angeles, CA. She has also participated in a number of solo and group shows at prestigious galleries such as Sears-Peyton Gallery in New York, Anne Reed Gallery in Ketchum, ID, and Takada Gallery in San Francisco.
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