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5 Items
African Cheetah Fine Art Print
African Cheetah
17" x 23"
Price: $187.99
Jaguar Fine Art Print
24" x 17"
Price: $190.99
Giant Panda Feeding on Bamboo Fine Art Print
Giant Panda Feeding on Bamboo
16" x 23"
Price: $186.99
Harp Seal Pup Fine Art Print
Harp Seal Pup
24" x 17"
Price: $193.99
Oriental Garden I Fine Art Print
Oriental Garden I
12" x 14"
Price: $122.99
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5 Items
Gerry's career of more than 20 years as an award-winning nature and wildlife photographer has shaped his view of the world. Recently, his spectacular photography was recognized at Visa Pour l'Image, the international photojournalism festival in France. Gerry's photographs and writings have created dozens of books, including the award-winning Wild Orphans, America's Rainforest, The Outdoor Traveler's Guide to Australia, Gorillas, Penguins and several titles in the highly acclaimed children's series by CarolRhoda Books including Mountain Gorillas, Cheetahs, African Elephants and Rhinos. His work has appeared in major articles for international publications including Airone, BBC Wildlife, Natural History, Terre Sauvage, New York Times, GEO, VSD, Ranger Rick and various National Geographic publications. In 1999 Gerry embarked on a photographic journey entitled Wild Orphans, a journey that changed his life and career direction. Wild Orphans documents the plight, rescue, rearing and release of baby wild animals who have been orphaned by poaching, environmental forces, human interference and abuse. The project quickly evolved into the new non-profit organization, GLOBIO. The Wild Orphans project is now a cornerstone of GLOBIO's effort to raise awareness and educate children worldwide about the pressure on biodiversity.
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