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John William Godward's decorative and fanciful depictions of girls lounging in vaguely Greek or Roman settings were very popular in late nineteenth century England. Interestingly, his use of contrasting textures, such as soft animal skins laid down upon cool marble architecture, gives his paintings a contemporary sensuality that works remarkably well with today's interiors. Born into a wealthy English family that disapproved of his desire to become an artist, Godward risked being disowned by moving to London to fulfill his dreams. While making a name for himself and frequently exhibiting at the Royal Academy, the artist fell in love with his Italian model. She became his muse and appears frequently in many of his paintings, including Dolce Fa Niente; but their relationship so enraged his family that he was cut out of family portraits. His work was very popular among the Victorians. He continued to paint throughout the 19th century along with Frederic Lord Leighton and Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema.
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