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Frank Harris Wall Art

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Frank Harris is a nationally and internationally known artist and illustrator. He has been working as an illustrator and artist for more than 30 years. Harris has exhibited his paintings in museums and galleries across the country. His illustrations and art always features people in situations that are easily recognized as the common human experiences. He particularly enjoys painting the faces of people and their expressions. His illustrations have been published extensively in various websites and publications including Harvard Magazine, Vanity Fair, Pittsburgh Magazine and Baltimore Magazine. He’s a specialist in art and illustration. He grew in an environment that promoted his talent in the arts. Harris is a talented artist whose favorite theme makes his art to be appealing to the viewers. His clients include Westinghouse Corporation, Major League Baseball, and Carnegie-Mellon University.

He enjoys how peaceful and quiet nature is and the beauty that surround him. He believes that there’s no formula in creating art and that artists should let nature lead them where it must go and this is the principle that he embraces. His style of work has made him to produce high quality art evidenced by his framed art. He receives orders on regular basis and at any one moment, he will always be found busy working on a piece of art. Harris has a diverse set of skills and he has experience in a wide range of mediums. He’s currently available for commissions and is able to produce art in a variety of finishing options in the shortest time possible.
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