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Evie Cook Wall Art

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Evie Cook has a background in everything from pastel, acrylics and oils to computer animation. She combines her talents and creates stunning pieces of art. She has a new line of contemporary inspirational art. Her collection includes 'The Inspirational Canvas' which is digital art collection containing messages relevant to our modern lives, problems, hopes, and desires. She thinks in a positive light, and has taken various subjects to increase the collectability of her art. She has also created phrases within her art to help her viewers to maintain a positive frame of mind so as to overcome the barriers in life. Evie says it’s always a blessing to have parents who encourage their children’s emerging interests and abilities. By the time she was 8, she was lucky to receive a series of lessons in painting and drawing, and later added pastel and anatomy.

Evie took every art class available in school. And after reaping the benefits of an extensive art education, she became a strong supporter of beginning arts instruction at an early age. Before she hit 20 years old, she realized that the reason she loved to create art was simply to make people happy, what they experienced during the course of their day not withstanding. She wanted to make people smile or feel better when they viewed her art. Even today, she’s still creating art that make people smile. Later, when she became familiar with digital art programs, Evie began working professionally in photo editing visual effects and graphic design.
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