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Crockett Collection Wall Art

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Crockett Collection was acquired by Martin Borakove after 15 years practicing Customs & International Trade Law in Los Angeles, Miami and New York. He moved with his family to Manchester, Vermont and acquired the company to help him do what he loved best - manufacturing of fine silk-screened greeting cards. By then, the company had been in existence for more than 85 years. Borakove’s images are attractive and wherever they are displayed, people usually stand to take a second look, with some ending up purchasing them. Through Crockett Collection, he has managed to attract a wide network of clients from all over the world and this network is ever expanding. Borakove believes that images are able to stir past emotional experiences and human’s unconscious feelings, while at the same time inspire integrity and self-awareness – according to him, images, be they photographs or not, can capture both the best and the worst moments.

He has done his work with much success and has earned respect among his peers for his keenness to detail. His art is highly priced by many discerning collectors and are therefore stocked in large numbers by them. The artist has established a reputation as a major force in the United States and as one of the leading artists of his generation in the US and the surrounding countries. His work is a source of inspiration for many upcoming artists. Because of the gleaming manner in which he produces his art, Borakove has been recognized as one of the best artists in the world.
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