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Kristin Bryant Wall Art

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Kristin Bryant is a painter mainly of horses. She lives in Washington, District of Columbia and was originally from East Prairie, Missouri. Many people like her art and today, many people thank her for sharing her images and they count themselves honored to have them in their homes or in their collections. Kristin says that the trick is not to make an image artificial but rather to make it as natural as possible, and also to use light in essence to paint the picture. She explains that her inspiration comes to her primarily from her hopes s and dreams. Kristin also draws inspiration from her readings of art books. She began to work as an artist just because that’s where her interest lied. Her studio is full of different boxes of paper and her passion lies in the realm of art.

Each of her pieces is carefully sorted into themes and colors so that when she starts working, she can easily find the materials she needs. Today Kristin is counted among the best artists in the world. Whenever sits down to work, she draws her inspiration from a variety of places. Her work is brilliant and is suffused with the beauty of the ever changing quality of light. Many a times, the artist works on images based on animal subjects. Currently, her works are sold in large numbers, both in physical stores and online stores. Kristin’s art can be described as contemplative and dynamic. Her passion for the arts has enabled her to produce stunning and inspiring pieces of art.
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