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Sheila Lee Wall Art

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Sheila Lee is originally from Baltimore, Maryland, but now lives with her husband in Breezy Point, Minnesota. She was very close with her Irish grandmother and that has influenced much of her artwork. Her grandmother amused her for hours on end with stories from the old country. Her grandmother’s love was filled with wit; and the Sisters at Blessed Sacrament School gave her wonderful childhood memories. There is no such thing as a casual glance to the viewer of her paintings. Each painting captivates and forces the viewer to have a second look. As Sheila’s stories unfold on the canvas, the viewers do smile. This is because it is her philosophy to depict characters with a healthy dose of humor enjoying a simpler time. Her intricate compositions with bright colors tell stories within the stories. A landscape is no simple landscape.

Sheila is humorous, it’s impossible to have a conversation with her without laughter. Animals, people and buildings abound in that landscape, each element participating in their own character within the theme of the painting. She has a perspective that sees the humor in practically every situation. Her upbringing paired with being an Irish Catholic left her with a mortal sense of humor. Influenced by the art of Charles Wysocki and Linda Nelson Stocks, she has developed her own unique approach and style. Having won several awards, and in galleries across the country, her prints and paintings have gained significant popularity among collectors across Sweden, America, Japan, Germany, and Ireland.
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