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Robert Wavra Wall Art

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Robert Wavra was born in Washington State but he has lived most of his life in Indiana. As a young boy Wavra lived in Iowa, Wisconsin, and North Dakota. Growing up, he loved the outdoors and spent much of his time in the countryside learning about wildlife and nature first hand. Those experiences contributed to his appreciation and deep respect of wildlife and nature. Wavra has always enjoyed painting and drawing. He demonstrated artistic talent at a very early age. His parents and school teacher first realized he had a talent for art when he was in the second grade. When he was 13 years old his family went on a trip through Montana and Wyoming. Observing moose, grizzlies and other wildlife in their natural habitat, along with the incredible scenery reinforced Wavra’s desire to capture beauty of the outdoors. He’s basically a self taught artist.

The artist first learned to paint using oils and continued using this medium for several years. He later switched to acrylics due to their quick-drying characteristics and their versatility. Wavra has traveled extensively throughout North America; during his travels he has taken photos and he has documented the travels. He visited numerous wildlife refuges and national parks. The parks include two Canadian parks Jasper N.P. Banff N.P., the Great Smoky Mountain N.P., Maine's Acadia N.P., Arches N.P., Yellowstone N.P., Yosemite N.P, Rocky Mountain N.P., and several others. Limited edition prints of his work are available for sale. Most of his subjects depict landscapes and wildlife using acrylics on canvas.
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