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Betty Albert Wall Art

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Betty Albert was raised in Northern Ontario by her foster French-Canadian parents. Betty spent time on Vancouver Island where both of her interests in spirituality and art surfaced. In the next 20 years, she worked with ink and pen, and improved her artistic techniques. Eventually, circumstances brought her back to her father, a Native American, and she discovered her birthright as a Cree. The artist then began an art business called “Wabimeguil Art Studio,” with her father. This business distributes art throughout North America. Dreams play an important part of her work and her life, just like many Cree people. Betty discovered that the people in her dreams were faceless and this is evident in some of her work. Through her painting titled White Feather (“Wabimeguil”), she expresses not only encourages people to experience that peace that she represents in her art, but also her own growth in spirituality.

Her art allows her clients to experience a deep spirituality, action, and tradition. Her use of vibrant acrylic colors pulls the viewer to view creation in a new way. Betty has been an artist for many years and she now has the ability to advise her clients on what type of art can best suit their purposes. She’s good at what she does and is the artist to go to when one needs his/her project to be done as soon as possible and within the stipulated budget. Her art is found in many galleries and museums around the world. They are usually used for decorative purposes.
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