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Kestrel Michaud Wall Art

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Kestrel Michaud is a graduate of the Ringling College of Art and Design – she graduated in the class of 2010. She first started working in the 4-H sewing club in high school with fabric. Within the first 8 years since she first discovered fabric, she had developed a technique that’s uniquely her own. Today, she uses this technique to turn simple swatches of fabric into beautiful, intricate works of art. She makes each image using hundreds of separate pieces of fabric, and incorporates different patterns and textures in dozens. These qualities combine to give her work an impression that’s outside this world and which cannot be achieved with any other medium. Her work can be found in the Illest of Ill. In 2006, her art was juried into the Lincoln Highway Artisan Trail. This was a big event since it is a program for accepted artists to display their work at galleries across Pennsylvania.

She participated in juried Illustration show of 2008 and 2009, as well as the 2010 juried Best of Ringling show. Kestrel sold many pieces of art through galleries involved in this program, including the Jean Bonnett Tavern and the Bedford Springs Resort. She decided to move to New York where she hung and sold numerous images through the Lotus Gallery in Woodstock. Currently, Kestrel’s work is on sale in Manchester Center, Vermont at the John Zaccheo Gallery. Her work has also been printed in the Ringling 100 that will be sold as a scholarship fundraiser. This is a coffee-table collection of images that students and alumni of Ringling created.
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