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Ronda Waiksnis Wall Art

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Ronda Waiksnis is inspired by the emotional reactions present in our natural world. The deep-toned colors, the reaction of the earth underneath, and the movements in the sky, combine to make landscapes she never tires of. She uses palette knives, large brushes, and sometimes her fingers to create art; she’s a direct application painter. Ronda mixes the oil paints directly on the paper or canvas with putty knives. She has only a few brushes and she uses them sparingly to produce her art some of which are as large as twelve inches. Ronda hopes to suggest a particular environment without getting too caught up in the details. She would like the viewers to bring their own reflections or impressions to the painting without being taken there directly, by her. Her goal is to communicate the essence of landscapes. However, she leaves some of the imagination to the viewer. Her works are evocative and beautiful - rooted in tradition, yet innovative - and demonstrate great depth of technique, vision and feeling.

Through Abstract Expressionism, Ronda sensitively echoes significant landscape painters from the Romantics, and through her passionate quest she captures the moods of nature. Her creative paint application rewards the eye of the viewers with rich textures, crowned by confrontational skies. Striving for work that is expressive, visceral and emotive, her elucidations of the natural surroundings is more of a feeling than a strict observation. Her paintings capture fleeting movement, built with instinctual and an original vision. His paintings can be found in corporate and private collections around the world as well as in many hospitality, retail and media venues.
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