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Trevor V. Swanson Wall Art

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Trevor V. Swanson is an artist who is acclaimed by both collectors and critics alike. He is one of the most promising and gifted wildlife artists in the world today. Swanson comes from a long line of talented artists and he is a brilliant example of inspired talent passing from one generation to another. Almost intuitively, Swanson acquired an appreciation for the value systems essential to wildlife rendering and for the realism detail. He started painting at a very young age, and with time, he mastered the technical skills needed to create truly outstanding works of art. Swanson began his professional career at the remarkable age of twenty, and was quickly recognized for his artistic prowess. Soon, his paintings were hanging in some of the world's most private collections, prestigious art shows, and museums.

By the age of 25, he had won several artistic competitions, among them the Foundation for North American Wild Sheep’s coveted "Artist of the Year" award. As a result of his exceptional talent, his reputation has soared to prominence in the world of fine art. Swanson begins his creative process with the emotional response and insight he gleans directly from wild animals in their natural settings. And in his search for subject matter, he has traveled extensively throughout Europe, Africa, and North America. His intense desire to capture beautiful and beautiful moments in nature has taken him to the extremes of geography, including the deepest swamplands of Africa, and the highest cliffs of Canada. His enthusiasm for his subjects has brought Trevor too close for comfort.
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