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Sebastien Lory Wall Art

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Sebastien Lory is a Sales Manager in an IT establishment. He is also a gifted photographer who specializes in the Parisian cityscape. He also deals with the historical monuments that make Paris the most romantic and grand city in the world. Even though he takes photography as a complementary activity, his photographs are by no means of lower quality. Lory loved photography from an early age and has therefore been in this business for several years. He lives in one the Southern banlieues rouge of Paris and his photography is mush influenced by the beautiful scenes around this place. Lory doesn’t take photography as a means of making money but rather as a means of sharing with his viewers the beauty that nature provides. He takes photography as a medium through which he communicates what he feels about nature to his viewers.

What motivates him to do what he does is his passion for art creation. He finds his inspiration in his daily surroundings. He believes in experimentation and freedom to create special artworks. Lory’s styles vary, depending on the mood he’s in and the subject. He tries different techniques or styles to express his ideas. His artwork is driven from within, and he is open to criticism. His art is printed as gift cards, posters, etc. They can be found in many art collections allover Paris and even beyond. He is good with colors and knows how to work with various shades to bring stunning effects to his images. His art is found in many private and public institutions.
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