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Carla Bank Wall Art

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Carla Bank has a passion for painting that has been with her since childhood. That, coupled with her love of pop culture, brings her vision to canvas. She brings a unique perspective to modern art and being a native of Mexico and having resided in Chicago for many years. Her inspiration is all around her in this great city. She paints familiar things, places and people, and her use of color stems from the artistic heritage of her home country. She doesn’t limit her art to canvas, but has also used wood and glass. Carla also experimented with finger painting and found it to be another way of expressing her creativity in a liberating way.

The ultimate goal of her art is to bring joy to those who view it. Each day, her love of art, color, and pop color grows stronger and through her painting, she hopes to express that love and her artistic vision and continue to spread joy and beauty. Hands, brushes, vibrant colors, and acrylic are the tools she uses, and her sense of whimsy has appealed to art lovers of all ages. Her goal is to create paintings that produce an instant uplifting feeling. “Art is a passion that I discovered in childhood and has been constant in my life,” says Carla. “It’s my source of peace and serenity and has gotten me through my darkest days.” When she’s not painting, Carla will be on her computer designing artwork for products such as mugs, bedding, clocks, stationery, etc.
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