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Flowerphotos showcases the best plant and flower photos in the world. They like to think that their range is unequalled in terms of quality and breadth, and their customer service is second to none. They will find, price and deliver images as fast as is possible, and will always work within the budget of the customer. Their prices reflect time limit, area and usage, with charities often receiving a 25 percent discount. Images are available, for a negotiated fee, on a Rights Managed license. None of their images are currently available as royalty free because they feel this does not protect the customer or ensure they have sector exclusivity. Their images are used by virtually everyone - maybe not everyone, but certainly on a number of relevant products range, calendars, magazines, greeting cards, etc and also the Royal Mail and the RHS Chelsea.

They have more than 20 year’s track record of service and efficiency. Their photographs are presented in a way that reveals their unexpected design and geometry. All of their images are truly original, never to be forgotten and arresting. If the role of an artist is to show us things that we have not noticed before, then Flowerphotos has succeeded. Many clients say they are fortunate enough to buy their wonderful works and are thrilled with the intricacy of the images they saw, and the way in which Flowerphotos capture things seemingly familiar in ways that make them both beautiful and alien. Nature for them is the spirit of life and they’re truly inspired by it.
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