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Celia Kelly Wall Art

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Celia Kelly graduated in 2003 from Hallmark Institute of Photography and has recently moved from California back to Vermont where she does her own freelance work. Celia lives to tell stories through her art. She hopes to be inspired and to inspire so many of the talented and beautiful people around her. She also hopes to learn from others techniques and styles and for hers to be acknowledged. She craves for constructive criticism and she strives to become better with each shoot. Celia’s style is exceptionally diverse, ranging from abstract landscapes to elegant brides; she’s up for any challenge and anything. Her Photography offers a modern look on classic photography, and she shoots anything from landscape, animals, boudoir, fashion, and weddings. In anything she does, she has been absolutely amazing!

Any have said that she’s such an angel to have around on special days in so many ways including scheduling a last minute first look to avoid the rain and watching weather forecasts, taking cherished and beautiful photos and being a loving and positive vibe throughout the day. Those who have seen her work always want her as their wedding photographer and she does not disappoint when she takes the challenge. She takes pride in capturing the memories that people get to relive through their photos. She’s so wonderful - from her sweet personality to her great talent she is a gift to have on an assignment. Celia has a very creative eye and captures the beautifully of the subject with unmatched keenness. She makes the clients feel comfortable like she had known them for years.
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