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Alicia Armstrong Wall Art

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Asheville-based artist Alicia Armstrong paints mainly on wood panels using charcoal, graphite, and oil. She’s able to capture both chaotic and reflective moments, by just containing her images with varnish. Alicia has developed a unique process that she uses to produce highly textural works with layers that help convey the beauty and struggle of movement and transition. It's quite easy to identify with the struggles of the figures of this self-described "mark maker.” She paints inconsistencies, longings, dreams and memories. Her images resonate well with a diverse group of collectors and viewers of all ages. That’s why her art can be used to decorate any room, including children’s rooms. Alicia studied at the University of North Carolina at Asheville from where she obtained a BFA. As a student, she won the leadership award of the Fine Art department.

After her graduation, she plunged into the art world and within a short time she had managed to pull a huge following of fans. After 10 years of working in photographic portraiture and traditional painting, Alicia began to concentrate on producing pieces imbued with symbolic imagery and many more abstract works. She uses her art to communicate with the viewers but leaves the interpretation for them. Her art offers the viewers a relief through momentary breather rather than giving them finite solutions. Her paintings are included in numerous corporate and private collections. They are also found in the collection of the University of North Carolina at Lipinsky Auditorium and s Bravo Concert Series.
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