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Sugar High Inc is a company founded by a painter who goes by the name Brenda. She started drawing around the age of 4, replicating anything that caught her attention. Because of her fascination with art, Brenda attended art classes throughout her primary school and secondary school life, adding immensely to her artistic skills. In 1996, she started a business that she would handle well as a stay at home mom. The business involved painting, crafting, sewing, woodworking, and a lot more. Her business would however dwindle after undergoing through a grueling divorce process. Devastating as the experiences were, she learned to endure them and focus on the positive things of life; shaping her to the person she is today. In 2006, Brenda, together with her husband, opted out of their full time jobs to start and run a printing company. Their business grew and employed several creative minds. Later in 2011, she started her business called Sugar High, Inc., which has provided her with a way to share her creativity with the world. The business idea came when she decided to make a cake for the birthday of her second child. She did very well that she found herself doing more. Brenda found love in the fondant art and started taking pictures of the cakes. Through Sugar High, Inc., Brenda sells her creative works to several different clients. Her artwork pieces can be found in galleries and are quite famous for their beautiful colors. They are sold through art dealerships and galleries in a number of finishing options, including framing, lamination, canvas, and prints.
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