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Dan Monteavaro Wall Art

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Dan Monteavaro is a painter who's been creating art for decades. His works are inspired by comic book imagery, exploring the simplicity and familiarity of such images to present comfort to his audience. Monteavaro’s artistic works are known for their missing parts, which provide a very good way to evoke a conversation. These missing parts have become the marvel of his artistic works, providing the entry point to start diving into his narratives. He was influenced by his New York neighborhoods where he grew up in the 80s, with the urban landscape becoming the main influence in his work. The rundown buildings of New York are part of the things that inspired him. Each and every missing part of his subjects therefore has a story to tell about his past. Although he was born and raised in New York City, he's lived and worked in diverse global locations, including London, Los Angeles, Italy, and Korea. Monteavaro’s openness to new ideas has also seen him influenced by modern media and urban art. His creative works have been displayed in diverse galleries, including Bruce Lurie Gallery, Los Angeles, Wallspace, LabArt, and New York at Cheryl Hazan Contemporary Art in New York. Besides the galleries, his artistic works can be seen in several private collections across the globe. Monteavaro’s artistic style and use of color have made his works unique and are easily recognizable. Art lovers who would like to purchase his artistic works can have them in different finishing options based on the final designs they would like to achieve.
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