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Debra Denise Purcell Wall Art

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Debra Denise Purcell has created several artwork pieces that are delivered in intense colors and clear contrasts. She creates her paintings on canvas, trying to first create a clear picture of her images and themes before embarking on her painting process. Debra’s primary medium is acrylic, although she at times uses oils and watercolors as well. She tries as much as possible to express a spiritual joy, regardless of what's happening in her life as she begins to make any painting. It's that approach that she delivers with every image, allowing her imaginations to be transformed into creative works that reach out to her audience, inspiring some joyful touch in their lives. Through her creative processes, she's captured a variety of subjects such as water, flowers, trees, among others, with a number of them appearing repeatedly in her works. Debra finds the whole painting process spiritual, considering color as the soul. She prefers to let her forms and colors define their direction in every painting to ensure that every art piece is unique. Debra has received widespread acclaims for her rare ability to combine diverse colors and still achieve a beautiful blend that best expresses her subjects. Whether it’s an animal or a plant, she isn’t tied to using their real life colors, instead using several subversive mixes and blends to achieve her desired results. Denise art are found in galleries and have been collected by high profile collectors. They can be used in offices, home interiors, among other places.
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