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Greg Murphy Wall Art

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Greg Murphy works from his home by the lake in Mahtomedi where he’s been perfecting his artistic skills in oil painting for more than 10 years. He spent his childhood surrounded by many friends who loved art and noticed his talent. They encouraged him to pursue his interest in art. Today, he is a full-time artist who tries to come up with new and interesting ideas for illustrations. He loves the wildlife and outdoors, and the experiences and ideas realized in his oils come from them. Murphy’s primary inspiration comes from the natural beauty of the wildlife and landscapes that have moved countless others before him. The majority of his work depicts the landscapes and the wildlife inhabiting Northwoods. He manages to create powerful abstracts that are layered with color and texture and are free-flowing.

Recently, he started painting African wildlife and scenes, and exploring other subject matter as well. His artistic specialty is the crafting of landscape and wildlife compositions and minutely detailed still life. Currently, his pieces of art are found in many art galleries all over the world. His passion for art has grown over the years and this passion has led him to a brilliant creative career. Murphy embraces both traditional and modern techniques and flirts with experimentation as well. He is open to learn new techniques and styles; that’s why his art is always fresh. His work is greatly inspired by decorative art and his love of life and nature. He has made a name for himself in the licensing world.
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