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Rose Romance VI Fine Art Print
Rose Romance VI
18" x 18"
+ Multiple Sizes
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Andrea Haase (Born 1964) fully understands space and how to put up elements of composition and color to best express her subjects through his paintings. Her understanding of structures and figures stem from architectural studies she followed earlier, helping her fully master their representation whenever he’s creating art. From her early days in art, her strong desire to understand color and figures in creating her art. Andrea’s art has been inspired by her travels, influencing both her perception of subjects and their representation through art. She has had several trips to a host of countries, interacting with different people, cultures, artistic styles, and works of nature, all of which she has learned to capture as she creates art. A trip she took to the Caribbean had a very strong influence in her art and even gave her a pseudonym “d'Anegada,” which she worked with for some time. At the same time, the Caribbean trips also influenced a lot in her art, especially in terms of colors and subjects, mainly to capture the things she saw and experienced by using a personalized artistic approach. Andrea has authored numerous books through which she teaches people art-making, delivering them in the simplest way she can. She’s currently based in Berlin, Germany, continuing to make art on an assortment of subjects. In a number of her artwork pieces, she employs the use of text in order to strengthen her messages to her audience. Andrea has participated in exhibitions and has sold her art to art lovers, ensuring that her art is installed in many homes in the Caribbean, Germany and a host of other global locations.
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