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Nicole Tamarin Wall Art

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Nicole Tamarin has been busy all her life, doing a lot of creative works, including creation, decoration, and manipulation of the things around her. Having known her interest in art, she proceeded to pursue art training at the Mass College of Art, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a focus on Illustration. Nicole has been very much glued to product design. After completing her college education, she found the moment to work for an interior design company, allowing her to explore her design techniques and honing her skills on how to use color, space, texture, and pattern. Her continuous art making is as a result of the joy she derives from the final products she sees, especially after a process that's not properly defined from the beginning, with some of the artwork pieces coming right from sketches. Nicole’s interest in product design has seen her create art for a number of manufacturers. These works give her joy, especially when she comes across a product that bears her creative piece on it. She has mainly used watercolors as her medium for more than 15 years. On the digital aspect, she also processes her artwork using Photoshop. Nicole has embraced the digital techniques, but is also capable of creating highly refined art pieces that represent exceptional detail through hand painting. The kind of variety that she offers has seen the demand for her works soar over the years. Her creative pieces are sold globally in different finishing options, including framed, laminated, and canvas.
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