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Erin Butson is a self taught artist. She has a PhD in YouTube tutorials. She dreams of living on a farm, except in her dream someone else is doing all that farm work. All through her 20s she thought she missed the art boat. It wasn't until she had a little space and time to play and make, that she found this love. As she takes risks with her art, she finds herself able to take risks in other areas in her life. As she learns and grows through her creations, she finds herself wanting to learn and grow in other areas. Erin lives in San Marcos, California with her husband and two sons. She teaches first grade. A job that she says is the best job in the world, besides being a mother. Erin is an artist, creative blogger, teacher, expert doodler and hand-letterer.

She believes that making stuff awakens a part of us that we sometimes forget is there and feeds our souls; that it connects us on a different level and breathes life into our lives. According to her making art doesn't have to require a bunch of time or money. The connection and encouragement she gets from kind souls keeps her going. While Erin always had a creative side, she didn't start making art until she was pregnant with her first son. She couldn't find anything she wanted and couldn’t afford for his nursery, so she decided to make it. She fell in love with what she produced and decided that an artist is what she wanted to be. She has never looked back.
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