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Elizabeth Gonzalez Wall Art

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Elizabeth Gonzalez is an artist who’s had passion for art from a very young age. She started getting involved in creative works at the age of 9 after she got crotchet creating training from her aunt and mother. It’s through her love of art that she later learned of other artistic disciplines such as ceramics, needlepoint, embroidery, papier mache, and others. Elizabeth would later learn painting and collage. A 1996 ceramics workshop changed her life together, inspiring her to start creating art and setting up her ceramics making business within her locality. She was fascinated by the mere fact that she would use clay to do whatever she wanted with it, creating different artwork pieces the way she liked. Elizabeth immediately went into creating art and within a short time, she took her art to a store and the response was quite amazing, kicking it off for her in art. For nearly 15 years, she served as a professor, focusing on ceramics and management, but she still felt that there was something more she needed to do, and that’s when she went into creating art full time. At the onset, she wasn’t using a lot, focusing mainly on drawing and complementing it with painting. However, at a later stage in her art making, she decided to give mixed media a try. This is when she got to learn of her inborn talent as a Product Designer. Her artistic works are mainly drawing their inference from family life and are also inspired by nature. Elizabeth’s paintings and ceramics sell in high profile art dealerships in Puerto Rico. They’ve also been bought and installed in homes across Costa Rica, U.S., Hungary, Puerto Rico, just to mention a few. She has 3 sons and has continued making art throughout.
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