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Giesla Hoelscher Wall Art

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Giesla Hoelscher has always enjoyed making things by hand and when she began Inkblots in 2002 her business focused around that. In 14 years, she has participated in more than 100 art fairs, produced over 40 collages, and still loves every minute. The love she developed in college for digital collage and her passion for photography eventually won over her desire to continue making things by hand. She let go of those items and started creating collages of areas around the Twin Cities. For a brief period, from 2006 to 2009, she explored collages using vintage imagery and mixed media, but eventually returned to the location collages and focused on making them her signature artwork. She likes to make collages of places because, she says, humans are shaped by the places they visit. Neighborhood markets, drive-ins, Diners, are all a part of human history, she adds.

The stories and memories that people attach to the places they visit is what motivate her to document them. If a viewer sees beauty in her artwork, she believes that to be the result of the beauty of her history and of the viewer’s stories. Because of that, she doesn’t use stock photos to create her artwork. Traveling to take the photographs for a collage teaches her more about the country she lives in and pays respects to the client’s memories and stories. It’s important to her that her artwork is shared by many and is not just tourist spots that she researches on the internet. Her art is available through many outlets.
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