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Lisa Falzon (also known as Meluseena) is entirely a self-taught artist and got into the art business by sheer love of technology, art, and for her chutzpah and perseverance. She was born in Malta, and is currently residing in Germany. At nineteen, Lisa clawed her way into the art-world and has been doing it full-time since. She is not satisfied with just art, she also writes. Her children’s novel was published by Merlin Library Ltd in 2008. Her writing works, which she creates for fun, have been focused on micro-fiction. She is currently illustrating and writing an indie comic. Being a Renaissance-type person, Lisa has other interests like languages (she speaks four languages), dance, marketing, teaching, space and science, psychology, history, human rights. All these spill into her work both directly and indirectly. An art entrepreneur and practical visual problem solver, Meluseena works primarily in digital format. She uses Adobe Photoshop on her Wacom tablet, and her styles range from painterly to collage-like.

She is very much influenced by color schemes (fabricated and natural) and environments. These inspire her greatly; compositionally she seeks more inspiration from historical art works, photographs, and film stills. Lisa spent some time doing galleries and art shows, but she has to admit this lost its appeal eventually and now she prefers dealing directly with customers and clients without the pretense that she says sometimes comes with the art shows and gallery world. This is what motivated her to start selling prints as Meluseena which is an online art shop.
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