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Cory Carlson Wall Art

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Cory Carlson travels the world from the sprawling African plains to the Wetlands of the Americas to observe wildlife in its natural environment. He uses oils on fine Belgium linen to depict his subjects. He vividly portrays nature’s timeless energy and beauty with his extraordinary wildlife paintings. Carlson’s art reveal his unique ability to bring the intensity of life in the wild to canvas and reveal its hidden realms. In the eyes of his subjects, he offers the viewers a captivating and emotional insight into the soul of nature. His goal as a painter is clear when he says that it’s not enough to just paint a good likeness. He wants his viewers to feel the emotions, struggles and triumphs of living free.

It’s through his personal travels and experiences that he is able to bring such beauty and depth to his subjects. He carefully observes wildlife in its natural environment, capturing rare moments with his skills in photography and sketching. These precious experiences and sketches serve as the inspiration and sole source of reference for the artist’s paintings. The result is a truly unique and awe-inspiring window into the amazing beauty of the life in the wild. Bringing the beauty of nature and the sense of freedom into people’s lives is his primary artistic motivation. He says that through art, he strives to share the awe of nature’s splendid beauty and to awaken its triumphs and struggles within the hearts of others. His work has been used by many organizations that deal with environmental conservation.
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