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Jennifer Wagner Wall Art

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A pencil was Jennifer Wagner’s favorite tool growing up. Her children are her greatest inspiration. The inspiration can come from something as simple as her son getting his first arrow and bow that sparks a creative flow. But more often, it is their interests and talents or something as simple as her daughters getting her to love the pink color. Spirituality and family are the most important things in her life and they are her constant muse. As a teenager, Jennifer loved drawing portraits of her friends. However, she did not begin painting until she was living in Japan and was married. In Japan, she painted commissioned work and sold her art at bazaars on the Air Force base. She later returned to Arizona, where she ran a successful faux and mural finishing business for 7 years. During her time in Arizona, she was able to draw on her gift and passion for interior decorating.

And it was also then that the artist developed a number of the textural techniques that she still uses to date. Her creative journey has come to maturity and today Jennifer is implementing all she has learned through the years into her paintings. Jennifer’s current work is a layered process using collage, drawing, texture, and transparent oils and paints. Her mixed media work is a blend of powdered pigment, acrylic paste and plaster. Manipulating reflection, blur, and shadow is the centerpiece of her artistic practice. She forces these varied materials repeatedly through masks, and thus creating marks relating to classic impressionism.
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