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Diesel Electric Locomotive Fine Art Print
Diesel Electric Locomotive
12" x 16"
Price: $147.99
Sale: $147.99
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GI ArtLab is a creative art studio that deals with stenciling and screen printing, digital rendering, digital compositing, painting (oil, acrylic and watercolor), drawing, digital rendering, photography and the creation of some 3D objects. GI ArtLab studio is housed in the Grand Image Seattle headquarters. The ability to develop new work quickly, the range of talent and the diversity of artist’s medium makes this art group an invaluable asset. It consists of digital artists and painters who collaborate under the direction of the Art Director. The fundamental reason for their success has been their customers. They operate under the premise that their customers do not want to be pandered to and, given the chance, will not only embrace but select the different, new, even the challenging imagery. In their family of artists, you will find not only many exciting up and coming painters, but also award winning world-renown artisans.

One of the founders, Larry Winn says the story of the GI ArtLab is one that has evolved over time and is closely linked to his own story. Winn started by representing the works of some few unknown artists and after failing twice, he quickly discovered how much he did not know. However, he was energized by the scope and depth of what there was to learn. He has worked hard and is now fostering creativity and opportunity for emerging artists. He says that he is privileged to preside over a company and a collection of originals, and limited edition prints that have earned a place in the art community.
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