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Ninalee Irani Wall Art

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Ninalee Irani is a Visual artist born in Calgary, Alberta, where he was also raised up. She completed her degree in Education then moved home to teach grade school. Ninalee has been interested in the visual arts since her childhood. She began painting as a hobby using crafty acrylics that could not blend. With time she discovered oils and was thrilled, and she has continued to develop her style over the last decade in that medium. She was much encouraged by the feedback she got from those who viewed her art. When she began to paint, Ninalee was interested mostly in the style of contemporary realism. But later, as she attended workshops and lessons, her style evolved into one that is more generalized, and soon she realized that art was going to become much more than just a hobby or an enjoyable pastime.

Ninalee’s work has been greatly influenced by the Canadian Prairies’ the strong differences in seasons. This has encouraged her to document what can only be seen for part of the year. Ninalee prefers to paint subjects that are short-lived in some way - ones that need to be captured because they don't stay in a single form for long, which is why her work is mostly comprised of birds, warm landscapes, and florals. Her studio is filled with objects books, and images that influence her work. Lately she’s been painting playful landscapes in finely tuned colors that she designs to help the viewer feel to be part of an environment completely without of anything serious.
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