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Katya Horner Wall Art

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Katya Horner is a landscape photographer whose eyes are drawn to the lyricism of nature. Her work is passionate and personal, and it’s always seen through the intimate eye of longing. She’s more interested in interpreting her world than in documenting it. Her landscapes are populated by trees that can only be described as expressive, by ethereal horses and winsome deer, and by fog that appears softer than the wings of moths. It’s a landscape of romanticism and tranquility, one that remains distinctly earthly while stretching out touching the borderlands of reality. Katya’s eye reflects her native Wisconsin roots. Currently located in Houston, she’s just a girl who loves her camera. She earned her MBA from RICE University after which she discovered that corporate life left her unfulfilled. She decided to take a risk and committed herself fully to photography. Today her clients range from universities to design firms to publishing companies.

Her work can be seen across the country in hospitals, on airport walls, in government lobbies and academic institutions. In places where people are worried, rushed, overworked, and busy, Katya’s art offers a moment of stillness and quiet beauty. She says that photography has changed her life and she’s so thankful to be able to make a living doing it. That thought brings her great joy. She hopes that even if her viewer doesn’t pick one of her pieces, they will always leave them with a smile. Katya began her professional photography career at an age of 35. When not photographing nature's treasures and pre-dawn landscapes, she enjoys sipping on Dr. Pepper and rocking out to the Foo Fighters.
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