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Manuel Rebollo Wall Art

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Manuel Rebollo (Born 1986) is an Illustrator and Graphic Designer based in Salamanca, Spain. His work distinctively reflects the sensuality, love, fashion and music that have so enormously inspired him. He is very good at graphic design and illustration and his images are lush and vivid combining elements of typography and design and reflecting his natural flair for capturing true beauty. Rebollo has been a tremendous source of inspiration to many upcoming artists. The artists who feel like they want to give up on art usually get back into the business after viewing his work and hearing his story. But he still looks for new and inventive ways to improve his work. His art reflect a balance of emotion and technical skill. Already, his works are found in several institutions and in several of private and corporate collections all over Spain.

Rebollo works with few kinds of colors, but perfectly show us the wonderful world of depressive beauties. He has created lots of pieces most of which are dedicated to fashion. The expressive Rebollo studied Graphic Design at Salamanca Art School and currently works freelance in the field of illustration and design. He likes to play with, blank spaces, lines, subtlety of color, and concepts. His pieces of art have been to many exhibitions and have found their way into many museums, institutions, and homes. They are currently much sought after by many collectors who also price them highly. That’s why many galleries stock his ready to mount framed paintings. Other galleries also avail them in a variety of other finishing options.
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