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Charmaine Olivia Wall Art

Charmaine Olivia is a self taught artist who spends most of her days continually teaching himself how to paint and draw. She was born and raised in a small beach town in Southern California where she first started drawing with soy sauce on napkins but have since upgraded to paint and paper. She’s extremely passionate and curious about creativity, life and beautiful things. The best way to know her is through her social networks. Her paintings, photography and illustrations have appeared in museums, publications, galleries and private and corporate collections throughout the world. Some of her clients and projects include Lady Gaga, Urban Outfitters, Hallmark, Element, Volcom Stone, Inked Girls Magazine and Nylon Magazine. Charmaine brushes realism with surrealism. Before becoming an artist, she was a yoga instructor in her hometown. She’s inspired by the powerful forces of nature, particularly the ocean and sunshine.

Charmaine is best known for her mesmerizing paintings of female forms that she brings to sensual life through surrealistic symbols and icons. Charmaine has continued to create astonishing works of art that are full of poetic passion, fun, and are playful. After seeing her work, many viewers feel immediately drawn to it. She paints beautiful women fused with otherworldly aspects which ensure that each one of her art is truly memorable and unique. Charmaine says that honestly she makes art for herself. She’s not doing it for anybody else. She asks that if she’s not enjoying herself, then what would be the point of painting. She doesn’t make art because someone told her to do it. She just does it because she wants to do it.
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Deer Wearing Gym Socks Fine Art Print
Deer Wearing Gym Socks
14" x 20"
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