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Donald Satterlee Wall Art

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Donald Satterlee received a degree in art and the worked for three years as a photographer and designer for a publishing company, before he opened his own commercial photo studio. At a very early age Satterlee knew that he would become an artist. He was convinced that his true destiny was to be an Artist. His passion for art has never died and in the course of his work, he has developed a unique way of presenting his art. After many years of using film cameras, which are large and expensive, he has been prompted to invest more time on his personal work by the fun of using a small format digital SLR. He has participated in numerous group shows and gained a lot of experience during that time.

Satterlee has always been drawn to black-and-white images simply because of their emotional quality that he says seems to go beyond time. Doing what he likes has made him to be very successful, and his works are now in many homes and businesses and has been exhibited in galleries all over the world. His art are availed in a variety of finishing options that clients can choose from. They are not only meant for hanging on the wall, but they are also meant to inspire those who view them. He knows how to choose scenes and subject matter that stir the viewers’ emotions. He feels that it is a blessing to be a photographer because he uses his images to communicate his feelings to his viewers.
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