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Diana Brennan Wall Art

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Artist Diana Brennan resides in Rhode Island where she was born and raised. She enjoys using instant and vintage film, but is primarily a digital photographer. Diana is continually inspired by the environment she grew up in and lives in today. All of her works, both film and digital, are edited in the digital darkroom. This allows her great control over the process. Her work is also informed by her background in environmental science. His unique style and technique has made her to gain worldwide recognition. Today, her art adorn the walls of many prestigious galleries, museums, institutions, and home. They can be found in both corporate and private collections. Diana has a dynamic personality probably because she grew up in an ideal environment that helped develop her artistic talent and creativity in the company of friends and fellow artists.

It is this creativity with her medium that allows her to create pieces that represent her intentions most accurately. Currently, her art are part of the permanent collections of corporate galleries, buildings and residencies worldwide, and her original artwork is represented in several galleries. Diana is a restless artist who’s always creating new forms and spaces. She captures color with lights and shapes in a constant search of exhibiting works that can talk by themselves with their own style. Her goal is to portray a sense of beauty and strength through her posters prints and art. Her work is great yet she still looks for new and creative ways to improve her work. She’s open to learning new techniques and styles.
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