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Maria Pezzano Wall Art

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Maria Pezzano brings a unique balance of creativity combined with function to every project. The recent software application knowledge together with many years of fine art practice giver her unique edge. Her interest in art began while she was still young. It was during this time that she learned to appreciate the power of art as a visual form of communication and painting as a means of artistic expression. Combining her years as an artist with her most acquired knowledge in Adobe products; InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop make her an excellent candidate for many projects that require skills in these areas. What she lacks in experience, she has in bucket loads of initiative and drive with thick coat of willingness to please. She says that one of the most difficult tings about a career change is when someone looks at you through the same lens, and cannot see what you can now bring on the table.

Maria has participated in many exhibitions and has worked to establish professional relationships with publishers, designers, and fine art consultants. Art for her has much to do with time and her perception of time passing. Today she works full time in art. Her works are held in private and corporate collections across the globe and are widely published. Some of her skills include communication, visual ideation/creativity, typography, design software, multi-media design software (such as Acrobat), color theory, layout/conversion optimization and paint design. She likes the viewer to feel to be part of her art and to feel that they have actually seen the subjects or visited the scenes captured.
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