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John & Elli Milan Wall Art

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John and Elli Milan are both professional artists. The couple met in Hawaii while John was “beach bumming” and Elli was still in high school. Deciding early to make a career in the arts industry, they both joined Savannah College of Art and Design to study art. They later transferred to the University of Georgia where they received their BFA in painting. It was in Georgia that the couple began showing their work in local galleries and developed personal styles. After graduation they worked independently but began dreaming about working together. Currently, they are living their dream as they create their paintings together. The two are accomplished artists on their own, but the collaboration brings out the best in each of them making their products to be better than if they could produce them separately.

John and Elli Milan say their pieces of art express the exchange between heaven and earth. The end result is spontaneous and aggressive layers of paint which create a playful but bright scenario that is interwoven with hints of narrative. Their spiritual life plays a vital role in their art and is what allows them to create together and inspires their artwork and helps them to maintain a unified vision. They also get their inspiration from their extensive tour of Greece. Their works are in private collections and galleries in the United States, Europe, the Philippines, Canada, and Dubai. Currently the Milans live in Queen Creek, Arizona with their 4 children. One of their dreams is to establish a permanent studio in one of the beautiful coastal cities of Greece.
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