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Melissa Graves-Brown Wall Art

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Melissa Graves-Brown (Born 1969) is an American artist born in Fort Myers, Florida. Through her practical experience and her passion for fine art, she has grown in her career to master color and structural anatomy. Her paintings clearly show her love for nature, something she uses to inspire others to appreciate the nature around them. She has created several landscape paintings that illustrate different types of hills, trees and other elements of nature, including the sky and rivers. Besides Melissa’s love for art, she also received relevant formal education. She graduated from Auburn University in 1993 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. She later proceeded to the University of Pennsylvania, graduating with a Masters of Fine Art. Melissa currently lives in Hailey, Idaho, where she is doing her painting work and raising their kids. She has her studio in a family space where she and her family spend most of their time trying out new things. Her two children also love her work with her 10 year old daughter already exhibiting a great sense of design and color.

Melissa specializes in oil canvas paintings. She uses a host of colors to portray the right details of every landscape or subject she creates. One of her favorite paintings is Blue Moon, which has sold on different platforms and is still exhibited in diverse galleries. Her PlesanTrees series vividly show different features including water bodies, the moon, trees and smaller plants. Her ability to use proper colors and depict the environment has captured many art lovers and critics.

“Color remains my subject, only pushed into the shape of a landscape. Eventually, the painting takes on a life of its own”.
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