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Maria Lobo Wall Art

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Maria Lobo was born in Hong Kong where she also grew up. Her training in art took her to the United States, Spain and Italy. She studied at the San Francisco Art Institute and the University of Santa Clara, and gained degrees in Painting and Fine Art in 1985. Maria also studied Art history and Painting at Loyola University of Chicago and also undertook Independent Study in Barcelona Spain before going for her graduate studies in Advanced Painting at San Francisco Art Institute, USA. From 1994 Maria started spending her time between Hong Kong and Vancouver. Maria regularly exhibits her work in Hong Kong, Canada and the United States. She looks to her heritage for inspiration. She incorporates materials in a natural way. Maria uses whichever material that can work visually at the time.

She might decide to incorporate Chinese ink, antique Japanese papers, acrylic paint and gold leaf, all on one canvas. It all depends on the project she has at hand. She works spontaneously; her next move guided by the work itself. Sometimes her canvases are split into thirds or halves. This is another method she uses to create balance. It may be a hard/soft balance, or an East/West balance, a wild/calm balance, or a dark/light balance. In many ways, this is a reflection of her. For instance, in her ink work, ink splashes can be seen on one side and acrylic paint patterning seen on the other side. Today, her art is found in many collections, galleries and museums around the world.
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