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Jenny Foster Wall Art

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Jenny Foster is an American artist who's a native of Arizona. Her style is both contemporary and primitive and is delivered with a combination of happy colors and abstract shapes and symbols. She started painting at the age of 7 years and later proceeded to Arizona State University where she studied fine art. Jenny’s art pieces represent joy and are playful, things that have made her vow never to grow up. Although it's a challenge expressing feelings of personality through the creative works of art without injecting some realism, she's mastered the art enough to communicate the same through abstract forms and symbols. Jenny's expression of personality is evident in all her works, which are inspired by her appreciation of happy colors, nature, and the spirit of life. She strives to always create pieces that reach out to the hearts of viewers. Jenny prefers to achieve that without adding sophistication or too much detail, but instead keeping it simple.

Her painting process is guided by her wild imaginations and she lets her brush and palette express the imagination. She has learned exactly when to stop to avoid creating complex pieces. This is because too much of the detail would with no doubt destroy her unique style. The focus of her works is to bring that childlike joy to the viewers, giving them that moment of happiness that carries them away from the stresses of daily life. Jenny's art has been displayed on different platforms and her prints are sold widely through different galleries. Galleries including Van Gogh's Ear Gallery, Celebration of Fine Art Show, John Hanes Gallery, West Lives On Gallery and Madaras Gallery. Her main medium is oil with canvas as the support base.
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