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Maciej Duczynski Wall Art

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Maciej Duczynski (Born in 1975) was born in Katowice, south of Poland. During his studies at Technical University in Gliwice he discovered traveling and it became his first passion. A few years later, he discovered his second passion – photography. He counts himself lucky because travel and photography go together. Since then Duczynski has spent most of his free time traveling and capturing beautiful images around Europe. He prefers the wilderness and cold beauty of northern lands of Scandinavia and specializes in landscape photography. He started with analog cameras, but today, he uses digital cameras. The new technologies and techniques provide him more possibilities in landscape photography (panoramas stitching, HDR, etc). Duczynski exhibits his art in Poland and writes articles about landscape photography, and for various European photo magazines he writes articles about post-processing of digital images.

He’s perhaps the most eminent of all the landscape and travel photographers in Poland. He’s known particularly for his photographs of Norway. Duczynski is entirely a self-taught photographer, but is able to capture the drama of the lighting in the natural world. He loves pulsating colors in sunsets and sunrises, waterfalls and flowing water, textures, but mainly has the passion for inaccessible mountains and the beauty of wild. Duczynski is a contributor to numerous online Photography communities; and is also a member of juries including the leading international contest referred to as the Trierenberg Super Circuit. In his impressive shots Duczynski tries to capture how the light interacts with the scene and the mood of the scene.
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