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Roz was born in and grew up in Savannah, GA. When she was five years old, his family lived in an apartment, and she can remember secretly drawing a mural on her bedroom wall. She would somehow push the chest of drawers over, and work on this large scene of a street with houses, complete with smoke coming from the chimneys! Her parents never knew it was there until they moved. From the time she can first remember, she always wanted to create art. She guesses, in defense, the family decided to let her take art lessons and draw on real paper! They were always very supportive, and she took private art lessons on and off until high school. Roz attempted to major in art in college, but soon became discouraged by courses that never offered actual painting or drawing, and were much too abstract for a modest freshman, and she decided to switch his major to English Literature.

After college, Roz worked for a local TV/radio station doing copy writing for commercials, followed by a stint in the art department of the local newspaper. When she got married she moved to Louisville, KY, where a friend encouraged her to enroll in classes at the Louisville School of Art. The school was then located on the campus of the University of Louisville. She took her first figure drawing classes there, and fell in love with the figure. She says that she had the most wonderful and gifted teacher who taught her how to see using an artistic eye! She swears that she will never forget her.
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