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Derek Gores Wall Art

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Derek Gores (Born 1971) is an artist who was born in New York. His subjects are simply objects and figures in space influenced by Max Ernst, Rube Goldberg, Franz Kline, Egon Schiele, Gustav Klimt, and the long exposure photos of Abraham Lincoln. Gores has managed to pull a large number of loyal clients. His design clients include Dwell Magazine, Lenny Kravitz, Lincoln Motor Co., ESPN, Lucasfilm, Adidas, U2, Kings of Leon, Harley Davidson, Madonna, Standard Collective, SEIU, the National Football League, LiveNation, among others. Gores is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design. He loves that buzzing stillness and does reference a classic beauty, but made of un-designed and geometric and raw parts. He’s not interested in conscious, heavy concepts - he makes things simple and let the elements combine in the head and react with each history the viewer brings to the table.

If all goes as his wish, he hopes to create an experience that’s realistic, instead of just a picture of an experience. He really wants to have a feeling of a kid, where everything is new. Gores produces collage portraits using labels, data, recycled magazines, and assorted found digital and analog materials to create the collages on canvas. His fine art canvases are exhibited by galleries in Santa Fe Los Angeles, New York, Sydney, Chicago, Miami, Cologne, and more. He likes his pictures to barely come together with just little details. In his collages, some of the little bits he uses are deliberate, but in some he’s trusting randomness to help make the final product more interesting than he could have planned.
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