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Serena Bowman Wall Art

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Serena Bowman has been painting since she was five. Art has always been a major part of her life and she has received a lot of support and encouragement from people who are close to her. Her watercolor style is unique because she doesn’t pre-mix the colors like many artists Serena creates all of the tints and hues by layering pure colors, using about five original colors to create all of the varieties. For this, she has won some prestigious awards here and there and has enjoyed some commercial success. She’s an extremely shy woman and has had to supplement her art career with other jobs, just like many other artists do; though she confesses that these other jobs do not stir much excitement in her as art does. At first it was taking her months, sometimes even more than a year, to finish one landscape, so she started doing 9"x12" watercolors in between to maintain her perspective.

This has ensured that she does not get bored working on one piece for long. Her art tends to feature acrylics, with paintings up to 5' x 6' in size. Serena enjoys depicting towns such as Falmouth and Martha's Vineyard, with lots of small detailing and signs. She deals with a range of style and subject matter to ensure that the varying tastes of her clients are satisfied. Some of her art feature the landscapes of Europe while others feature modern impressionist pictures inspired by her travels. Serena has also donated her art to children's charities, and placed some in small specialty shops.
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