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Shari Beaubien Wall Art

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Shari Beaubien is a self taught painter who produces art that represents different flavors of her world, expressing her view of life and its beautiful works. She uses acrylics paints to create her work, mostly using canvases as her base support. Shari mostly captures Mother Nature and uses an appealing combination of colors that represent nature's beauty. Being a self-taught artist, she’s been spending her time to learn new things and teach so as to hone her skills further. Shari therefore keeps her tools close, with her brushes always wet and ready for the next job. She also keeps her sketchbook closer within an arm's reach, always ready to make the next painting. Shari resides in Los Angeles where she has both her home and studio. Just to keep herself abreast with the goings on in the art world, she gets involved in a number of artistic activities and combines it seamlessly with traveling, allowing her to get inspiration from people and nature. She enjoys visiting galleries to see the works of other artists. Shari’s creative process consists of a unique approach, at times taking a lot of constraint as she makes her art while in another just splashing color and refining it along the way. Whichever approach she takes, she always ensures that the final product represents her beautiful imaginations. Shari’s works can be found in a number of galleries across the globe. Most of these galleries stock Shari Beaubien framed art that are ready to be used on the wall.
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