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Tava Luv Wall Art

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cTava Luv (Alexandria Tava) is a multi-talented artist who’s good at both music and fine arts. In 2010, she started with Galaxy of Graphics, where she perfected her skills and performed her painting skills through pop art images. These were influenced particularly by her musical taste. Having been introduced to Peter Max, the pop culture icon, by his father Eugene, the two experimented with neon colors, black light paint, pen and ink, and they created commanding statement images just like the works of art during the 1960s. Tava Luv believes music and art fuse into one another, and the works she presents through Galaxy of Graphics is a true projection of that reflection. She studied at Berklee College of Music, and after the completion of her studies, she made a name for herself as the leading female DJ in Boston. She was also a leading female vocalist and she became known as DJ Tava Luv.

Together with mother Janet Tava, an empowering female role model, Tava was encouraged to brand herself. Janet’s guidance made this to happen, and Tava Luv was able to gig in fashion weeks and to night lounges/clubs, traveling from Los Angeles to New York. Tava Luv also works in the studio with many labels, musicians, and producers. She’s fortunate to be energetic, happy, healthy, and to live in an area providing constant inspiration for her primarily nature-themed designs. Her art hangs on the walls of many esteemed spaces and are a source of inspiration to many upcoming artists. Today, she lives and works in San Diego.
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