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Vitaly Geyman Wall Art

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Vitaly Geyman was born in the Ukraine. He spent his first twelve years of life in Kiev, a culturally rich and colorful city complete with large oak trees and old cathedrals. Geyman was a highly imaginative and sensitive child. He was seeing the world as if it was a series of moving images. Geyman later moved from Kiev to Italy and to Australia before finally making moving to Oregon, where he lives today. He received a Master of Business Administration from Monash University in Australia. He is also a trained life coach and an actor. His photography skills convey his passionate connection with the beauty of nature and come from a multidisciplinary perspective. His appeal comes from understanding what makes a composition good. He says that a composition must have a relationship between the objects and a point of focus. It must bring out emotion.

In his case he often goes for Zen, simplicity and serenity. Something that people will keep seeing more and more in it and look at for a long time, something that inspires and moves them. He takes take a lot of photographs but just a small percentage makes it through his own critique. He then spends many hours working on them in Photoshop to enhance the key features. Finally he hand-paints and applies textures, all to create the result he wants. His photography career began when he met Lorenz Winston David, a top selling poster artist. Winston was very patient with him and he ensured that he assisted Geyman as much as he could.
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