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Bonnie Mohr Wall Art

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Bonnie Mohr is an American oil painter whose painting subjects mainly revolve around rural America. Her artwork portrays tranquil places and poetic images that speak volumes about her background. Bonnie applies realism art in her paintings, using earthly colors to give lifelike depictions of her surroundings. She is also inspired by her daily life as a dairy farmer. As a result, she has several art pieces to her name that depict dairy cattle and calves. Through her paintings, Bonnie portrays the genuine beauty of her daily life in a manner that reminds the audience to live their lives to the fullest. Generally, her paintings are inspired by her environment, her childhood life, and her life journey. She is the second of eight children, born to a dairy farm family, and married to a man who’s also been supportive of her artistic life. Their family bond and love for the country life has made it easier for her to continue creating artwork at their rural home studio where she works even at wee hours of the morning. The studio is located in Glencoe, Minnesota.

Bonnie began painting on canvas in 1988, at a time when Western art was the order of the day. It was also the same time that wildlife paintings were at their best. However, Bonnie just focused on painting cows. Through her continued experience, she mastered the art of anatomy, something that later earned her the title of America's most reputable bovine artist. In 1997, Bonnie decided to open up her studio to the public. That has made it easier for people to visit her studio to view and purchase her artwork that include original paintings, note cards, lithographic prints among others. Her gallery has grown to include staff members who help her with her works, packaging and shipping.

"I've come to believe that in the time we have on earth, attitude and choices are the two factors that most impact our quality of life. I believe that making the most of what we have, is the wellspring of our own best life. These beliefs and the images I paint are at the core of my work. Thanks for sharing in my journey."
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